About the LiveGuide

The Hole Live Guide is's personal database with listings of all of the known Hole shows to us.

For the purpose of the Holelive Live Guide, we tried to be consistent with song names. Although some songs may be known by multiple titles, we decided to list each song as follows:

  • "I'm So High" a.k.a "So High"
  • "Time to Kill" a.k.a "Just Do It" or "No No No"
  • "Rock Star" a.k.a "Olympia" (In the case of the original "Rock Star" it will be denoted: "Rock Star (Original Version)")
  • "Softer Softest" a.k.a "P-Girl" or "Pee Girl"
  • "Sugar Coma" a.k.a. "Never Go Away" or "Sugarcoma"
  • "Drunk in Rio" a.k.a "Closing Time" or "Closing Soon" or "It's Closing Soon"
  • "The Only Rape I Know" a.k.a. "Only Rape I Know"
  • "Whose Porno You Burn (Black)" a.k.a "Who is the Bullet" or "Whose Porno You Burn"
  • "Want It So Bad" a.k.a "Shinner"
  • All other jams/rants have either been named "Jam" or named by the bootlegger.
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