1 February 2014:
There are plenty of new shows added and circulating! Check out the messageboard for information! To celebrate Live Through This's 20th birthday, will be LTT themed for the entire year of 2014! Enjoy this vintage look!

17 July 2010: has a new look, new images in the gallery for some of the 2010 shows, new sources for those shows circulating, and new sharing functionality with Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc. You can also "Like" on facebook here. Check it out and share the link today!

18 May 2010:
Hole is back and so are we!! We did a major revamp. Check out our newly updated liveguide which includes all new shows and sources!! Also check our recordings guide that offers information about studio recordings by Hole and Courtney. Most of all, if you're not a messageboard member, get over there and start chatting with other Hole super fans!

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More about was created in late Summer of 2004. The idea had sprung up way before that. Eryn, Stephanie, and Jenny all met around the same time, around the beginning of 2001. They met at the Trading Post of what was then They bonded over their interest in Hole, Courtney, music, and live recordings. After building up all of their collections of rare Hole recordings, they began great friendships with each other. The idea was brought about because of their admiration of great trading sites like and several Smashing Pumpkins trading communities. These communities had extensive rules on their recordings. These rules made it difficult for a bad copy to circulate and difficult for people to get ripped off. This was exactly what the Trading Post at needed.

The Hole trading world had its work cut out for them. The problems it faced included: MP3 sourced discs, discs with errors, bad sound qualities, incomplete setlists, and a strand of people who were notorious for ripping others off. They let the idea simmer for a while, and Jenny made a 'prototype' This site was located at (which is no longer available). The site included an incomplete liveguide, concert reviews, and a small database of people willing to trade their Hole recordings.

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Let me be the first to welcome you to was created by three people, Jenny, Eryn, and Stephanie, who enjoy the music of Hole and its members and are particularly passionate about the unique experience of Hole concerts. We noticed that there was not a well-defined trading community or guide to the live experience of Hole, so we worked to catalog the most detailed information available about existing recordings along with fan photos and reviews in our live guide. We have also created a message board to facilitate discussion about Hole, Hole fans' common interests, and for live recording trading. Please note that will not tolerate the selling of bootlegs. We are a trade-only site because it is our belief that only the artist should profit from their art and that trading is a fair way for fans to enjoy and spread the word about the music of a favorite band without harming the artist. Please also be aware that is a fan site, which is not affiliated with the band Hole, the artists Courtney Love or Melissa Auf Der Maur or with any other fan sites.

Our community of friendly, passionate music fans has been growing since September 1, 2004. Please join us in our appreciation of the live music of Hole.

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