Date: December 04, 1991

Location: Rose Club, Koeln Germany

1. Doll Parts
2. Pretty On the Inside
3. Garbage Man
4. Violet
5. Teenage Whore
6. Drown Soda
7. Jill's Dream
8. Berry
9. Mrs. Jones
10. Babydoll
11. The Only Rape I Know
12. Dicknail
13. Pee Girl/They Don't Want Us That Way
14. Where Did You Sleep Last Night?
15. Burn Black
16. Pee Girl
17. Hot Chocolate Boy/Forming

Audio Sources:
RankTitleSourceAudio QualityComplete Show?
1Some Sick ReligionANA(?)92Yes
2Rainbow WishesANA(?)92Yes

Notes on Audio Sources:
2. Some small pops. Transferred by Therese Petersson.
2. Same source as "Some Sick Religion."

Video Sources:
RankTitleSourceAudio QualityVideo Quality

Notes on Video Sources:

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